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Boss BPC-4 Instrument Cable 4" Right Angle-Right Angle Slimline Pancake Plugs

Boss BPC-4 Instrument Cable 4" Right Angle-Right Angle, Slimline Pancake Plugs

Space-Saving Pedal Patch Cable with Slimline Pancake Plugs. Right-angle 1/4-inch pancake connectors, 4 in./10 cm length.

Combining high-quality audio performance with a unique space-saving design, BOSS BPC patch cables help maximize real estate in any pedal setup. Our custom-designed slimline pancake plugs fit on pedals and switchers with tight jack spacing, and feature 24K gold-plated contacts for corrosion-free operation. The oxygen-free copper center conductor keeps your tone intact, while heavy-duty braided copper shielding blocks noise and enhances durability.

- High-quality patch cable for pedal connections
- Custom 1/4-inch pancake plugs with a space-saving design (.6 x 1.02 x .3 in./13.6 x 26 x 7.8 mm)
- Ideal for BOSS 200 and 500 series pedals, switchers, and any pedal with tight jack spacing
- Oxygen-free copper center conductor and braided shielding
- 24K gold-plated connectors