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Silvertone 1423 Reissue Electric Guitar Black Gold Flake

Silvertone 1423 Reissue Electric Guitar, Black Gold Flake

Originally offered in 1959 through 1962, the Silvertone 1423 was made by the Harmony Company. It was known as the Jupiter H49 model in Harmony's Stratotone Series. Pretty space age, eh? While Silvertone didn't use this name, collectors often refer to the 1423 as a "Jupiter." The highlight of this Reissue is the unique "blender control" control setup. In addition to separate volume and tone controls for each pickup, the guitar features a "blend" knob that alters the balance between the two pickups when the selector is in the middle position.

- Solid Body Single Cutaway
- Mahogany Body
- Rosewood Fingerboard
- Mahogany Neck
- Custom Duncan Design Pickups
- 24.75" Scale Length
- Single Ply White Pickguard
- Blend Control
- Pearl Block Inlays