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Electro-Harmonix 2880 Stereo Multi Track Looper w/ Footswitch - Used

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Electro-Harmonix 2880 Stereo Multi Track Looper w/ 2880 Foot Controller - Used

Type: Used
Condition: Very Good

Stay in the loop! The 2880 offers the familiar controls of a multi-track digital recorder while adding continuous stereo and mono looping with track control. Complex multi-track loops may be created and overlaid in a performance situation with ease. With more tracks, more control and more power, the 2880 takes you to "looping heaven."

Non-compressed, 44.1 kHz / 16-bit CD quality audio
Loop speed change over a 2 octave range
Reverse playback and over-dub mode
MIDI Clock Sync as master or slave
USB port enables backup/restore to/from PC or MAC
Overdub or punch in/out recording
Stereo or mono recording
Familiar transport controls
Selectable quantize or non-quantize (free running) modes
Built-in metronome
Separate stereo mixdown track frees tracks for re-use
Individual panning per track
9LDC-500 power supply included

EHX 2880 Foot Controller
Six heavy-duty switches for track selection, record, play, new loop selection, octave, and reverse functions

Includes Power Supply and Box for Foot Controller