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Behringer BUC400 Ultra Bass Chorus Pedal - Used

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Behringer BUC400 Ultra Bass Chorus Pedal - Used

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Ultimate Bass Chorus Effects Pedal

Aside from compression, chorus remains the most popular and used effect on the bass guitar. And when you’ve got a BUC400 in your arsenal, you’ve got all the great, classic chorused tones from the past – as well as some new ones of your own, at your complete disposal! And best of all, the BUC400 leaves your fundamental unaltered, so you’re always sure to cut through the mix.

The ULTRA BASS CHORUS BUC400 gives you full control over your dry and wet tones, provided by the dedicated Level, Low Filter, Rate and Depth controls. Want to leave most of your lows and mids dry and intact? Just adjust the Low Filter to only affect the highs. Want to go super crazy and get a tremolo-like warble? Adjust the Rate and Depth controls for full-on mayhem!

At long last, there’s a bass/keyboard chorus pedal that provides super-thick stereo chorusing without sacrificing the lows! The BUC400 applies a warm, rich chorus to only the upper frequency range of your signal, allowing your bottom-end to retain all its punch and definition. The “secret” is the extremely unique Shape control that lets you determine how much of the low frequency content is affected by the chorus. It functions very much like a crossover circuit, allowing you to keep the bottom-end full and tight, while creating stunning top-end shimmer. The Level control is used to raise and lower the output of the BUC400 and the Rate and Depth controls set the speed and fullness of the chorus effect. We’ve also included a status LED for effect On/Off and battery check, and you can run your BUC400 on a 9 V battery or a DC power supply (not included). A first-class electronic On/Off switch is integrated for absolutely noise-free operation.

Get super-thick chorus with unbelievable stereo effect
This Behringer product has been designed to compete head to head with leading products on the market
Dedicated Level, Low Filter, Rate and Depth controls for awesome sound shaping
Status LED for effect on/off and battery check

SN: S1400360591