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Radial Pro-Iso Stereo Line Isolator - Used

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Radial Pro-Iso Stereo Line Isolator - Used

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+4dB to -10dB Converter and Isolator
The Pro-Iso is a +4dB to -10dB converter that employs a cost effective transformer that focuses the energy in the voice range. This makes the Pro-Iso a great choice for sermons, news gathering and spoken voice.

Exceptional signal handling
The passive design begins with 100 percent discrete components throughout. A set & forget level control lets you attenuate the input signal to prevent it from overloading the destination device. Output connections include a stereo pair of 1/4" connectors, a set of RCAs and a mini 3.5mm (1/8") for interfacing to a mini recorder or lap-top computer. Transformer isolation helps eliminate hum and buzz caused by ground loops while eliminating stray DC currents from flowing.

Converts balanced line level signals to unbalanced
Stereo signal path with set & forget level control
Transformer isolated to eliminate hum & buzz
Cost effective transformers targeting voice range

Pro-Iso Applications

Using the Pro-Iso to record a performance
Often, the available output on a professional console is balanced +4dB. This makes it difficult to feed a portable recorder. The Pro-Iso comes to the rescue with a simple interface and all of the connectivity you need.

Using the Pro-Iso to convert a balanced signal
The Pro-Iso makes it easy to convert the balanced line level output from a preamp to a CD player or other consumer device. Transformer isolation further benefits by eliminating hum and buzz caused by ground loops.

Using the Pro-Iso to feed a computer
Computers are noisy at the best of times! The Radial Pro-Iso's effective transformers help eliminate buzz and hum while delivering exceptional audio. Adjust the set & forget level control on the Pro-Iso to set signal level.

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