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Presonus IOStation 24C Audio Interface with Fader and Transport Control

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Presonus IOStation 24C Audio Interface with Fader and Transport Control

Audio Production | Desktop Control
ioStation 24c: 2x2 USB-C compatible audio interface and production controller

When you're a solo artist, you have to be more than just creative to realize your vision – you must also be a producer and an audio engineer. The ioStation 24c audio interface and production controller provides the tools needed for all of these diverse roles in a compact, ergonomic desktop design that will fit into any home studio. Record your audio through two pristine XMAX mic preamps and high-definition 24-bit, 192 kHz analog-to-digital converters. Navigate your recordings with easy-to-use transport controls. Edit your production and automate parameters in your favorite DAW with the powerful Session Navigator and mix it all with a 100 mm touch-sensitive motorized fader. Whether you're a musician producing your latest album or just getting started with your first podcast, the ioStation 24c gives you all the tools you need to record and mix with the ease of hands-on, tactile control – all in a single device that doesn't clutter your creative space.

General Features
Two products in one: audio interface and production controller
Record through two high-quality XMAX mic preamps
Control your favorite DAW with a touch-sensitive motorized fader and intuitive navigation controls
Compact, ergonomic design fits into any studio, whether in your bedroom or your backpack

Recording Features
USB-C- compatible (USB 2.0), 24-bit/192 kHz audio interface
2 mic/instrument/line inputs with XMAX mic preamps
2 balanced 1/4" TRS main outputs
Simultaneous I/O up to 2 inputs and 2 outputs
Mixer knob for low-latency direct input monitoring
1 1/4" headphone output with independent level control
USB 2.0 connectivity, macOS/Windows compatible

Production Features
Single touch-sensitive, 100 mm long-throw, motorized fader
Large, 360 degree button encoder
Complete recording-transport controls: Play, Stop, Fast Forward, Rewind, Record, Loop
Drop Marker, Next/Prev Marker, Next/Prev Event
General session controls: Undo/Redo, Arm All, Solo/Mute Clear, Click On/Off
Session Navigator provides quick control over Track Scrolling, Timeline Scrolling, and much more
Channel Controls: Level, Pan, Solo, Mute, Rec Arm
Automation Controls: Touch, Latch, Trim, Write, Read, Off
Native Studio One support with tightly integrated control
Dedicated MCU modes for Logic, Live, and Cubase / Nuendo
Customized HUI implementation for Pro Tools
Footswitch input for hands-free start/stop (footswitch not included)

Included Software
Studio One Artist recording and production software
Over 6 GB of additional loops and sample content
​Studio Magic Software Suite
Ableton Live Lite included