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BBE 264 Sonic Maximizer - Used

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BBE 264 Sonic Maximizer - Used

Type: Used
Condition: Very Good

The Sonic Maximizer 264 adds clarity and definition to your noise! With independent PROCESS and LO CONTOUR controls on each channel, the 264 provides unique tone shaping that can add expressiveness to your sound. The process is both front panel and remote switchable, and imparts clarity and fullness to any signal, live or recorded. Features stereo RCA ins/outs.

The BBE 264 Sonic Maximizer improves the overall clarity of any audio system. It gives you more brightness but more importantly this unit gives you much more depth, detail and definition. It augments your higher and lower frequencies with a dynamic, program-driven augmentation which combines with phase compensation feature to restore the brilliance and clarity of the original live sound.

SN: J10800