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Aphex Aural Exciter Type C2 Model 104 with Big Bottom (1994) - Used

Aphex Aural Exciter Type C2 Model 104 with Big Bottom Aural Enhancer Rackmount Effect - Used

Type: Used
Condition: Good

Since its introduction in 1975, the patented Aphex Aural Exciter has been used on thousands of hit albums and successful musical tours. The Aural Exciter is a patented audio process that recreates missing harmonics without
generating significant changes in the actual signal level. Reproduced sound is audibly different than the original live sound because of the loss in harmonic detail, often sounding dull and lifeless. The Aural Exciter adds harmonics, restoring the sounds natural brightness, clarity and presence, effectively improving detail and intelligibility. Using the Aural Exciter on specific instruments and/or in the final mix brings life back to the recording.

The Aural Exciter extends the high frequencies, unlike EQ’s and other brightness enhancers which only boost the high frequencies and alter the overall tonal balance. The stereo image is enhanced with the Aural Exciter, resulting
in a greater perceived loudness without an introduction of noise into the audio path due to increased gain. Vocals and instruments seem to stand out, without raising individual volumes in the mix.

Big Bottom circuitry dynamically shapes the bass response in the 20Hz to 120Hz range, increasing the perception of low frequencies without boosting the maximum peak output. The bass frequency response is dynamically optimized to isolate and enhance the lowest bass frequencies to provide a deeper and more resonant bass without overloading the sound system. Using the patented Big Bottom tightens the bass, allowing low frequencies to be more articulated and recognizable.

• Increased Presence & Clarity
• Restores Natural Brightness
• Greater Perceived Loudness
• Improved Detail and Intelligibility

• Deeper, More Resonant Bass
• Little or No Increase in Peak Output
• Tighter Bass Articulation
• Extend Low Frequencies

• Recording
• Post Production
• Sound Reinforcement
• Nightclubs, Discos
• Musicians Rig
• Tape Duplication
• Karaoke

SN: AX104-17850