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Teenage Engineering OP-1 Portable Synthesizer & Sampler w/Case and Acrylic Cover - Used

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Teenage Engineering OP-1 Portable Synthesizer & Sampler w/Case and Acrylic Cover - Used

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The Portable Wonder Synthesizer

The Teenage Engineering OP-1 is a revolutionary portable synthesizer, sampler, and controller packed with features and sounds. Ten synth engines, eight built-in effects, 4-track recorder, and a brilliantly simple interface pushes the boundaries of what a small gadget like this can do.

Enjoy power-packed performance with the OP-1 Portable Synthesizer from Teenage Engineering. This powerhouse packs a synthesizer, sampler, and controller into a simple and fast interface. The synthesizer features 8 built-in engines (with exchangeable architecture) with 8 quick-selection keys, and 3 great sequencers, enabling instant live tweaks.

- Eight synthesizer engines with exchangeable architecture can be selected between the T1 to T4 keys, thereby allowing you to switch engines and retain envelopes.
- 8 dedicated instant keys for sound selection.
- Built-in 24-voice instant live sampler lets you sample from onboard music, FM radio, 4-track tape recorder, etc.
- Four-track tape recorder with variable tape speed provides you with an instant way to tweak your recordings live.
- Six minutes recording time (up to 24 minutes) on both sides of the 4-track tape recorder.
- Four-track mixer with EQ, effect, and drive for adding texture; master out for fine tuning.
- Mixer features dedicated VU meter for displaying sound levels, and control over pan, L & R.
- Multiple effects with exchangeable architecture.
- Multiple exchangeable sequencers for instant live tweaks.
- Classic Pattern sequencer to change direction on the fly or shorten the played sequence.
- Tombola sequencer (drop notes & spin) to adjust bounciness and gravity.

Includes Case and Decksaver Cover, with FM Transmitter and USB Cable