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M-Audio Keystation Pro 88 Keyboard Controller - Used

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M-Audio Keystation Pro 88 Keyboard Controller - Used

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The M-Audio Keystation Pro 88 MIDI Controller was the world's first 88-key hammer-action USB MIDI controller. It offers you a host of advanced features and unprecedented integration with music applications. The response of the professional action has been fine-tuned to satisfy the most demanding players, and 4 zones accommodate up to 4 layers or splits per patch. The stunning complement of MIDI-assignable controllers includes 9 faders, 24 rotary controllers, and 22 buttons. The pitch wheel, modulation wheel, sustain pedal, and controller pedals are all fully assignable as well. 10 memory locations store all controller settings.

MIDI-assignable pitch bend and modulation wheels
MIDI-assignable foot switch and foot pedal inputs
Controllers assignable to MIDI controllers, notes, transport controls, program changes (including USB and MSB), Sysex, and RPN/NRPN
Independent MIDI channel assign for all controllers
Multiple dynamic velocity curves
Large custom LCD displays controller number, assigned controller, edit icons, and edit values
10 memory locations for saving all controller assignments
Sysex memory dump transmits the complete memory contents for backup purposes
Includes Enigma editor software for unlimited storage
11 semitone transposition
Dedicated buttons allow program and bank changes on the fly
Control Mute function mutes the output of all controllers so you can position them to the value you want before tweaking
Snap Shot button transmits all current controller settings
Fader Drawbar mode reverses the faders for realistic operation of organ emulators such as NI B4
MIDI Out can drive external MIDI gear or be used as USB to MIDI out interface
General MIDI 1 and 2 compatible

One slider (C8) is missing a knob cover