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Hohner Pianet T E-Piano (1977-82) - Used

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Hohner Pianet T Electro-Magnetic Piano (1977-82) - Used

Type: Used
Condition: Excellent

Super cool Vintage Hohner Pianet T E-Piano.  Made in the late 70s by Ernst Zacharias, the same designer as the Clavinet.  Unlike the clavinet, the Pianet uses metal reeds and sticky pads to produce vibrations, whereas the clavinet uses steel strings.  Sometimes referred to as a Poor Man's Wurlitzer, the Pianet settles in between the Rhoads and the Wurlizter, producing a nice mellow E Piano tone.  It is passive output, so like an electric guitar, it does not need its own power source, and simply outputs with an instrument cable to a keyboard amp or powered speaker.  As such, it takes pedals like a champ, from classic epiano tones with chorus, filters, or auto wah, to modern ambient tonescapes with boutique reverbs and delays.  A touch of overdrive gets that wonderful Pianet tonality heard famously on Joy to the World by Three Dog Night, or These Eyes by The Guess Who.  A modern pedal, the Gamechanger Audio Plus Sustain, can provide an elegant solution to adding sustain in a traditional lip style pedal.

60 Waterkeys
Passive 1/4" Output
Built in Cover and Music Rack

Has a screw that has worn out on the top, the screw is provided in a bag, along with several replacement sticky pads.  There are a few more screw holes on the instrument as well, these are used for an optional built in style stand.