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Erica Synths Acidbox III Synth Module - Used

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Erica Synths Acidbox III Synth Module - Used

Type: Used
Condition: Mint

Erica Synths Acidbox III brings you the core of the famous Polivoks VCF in stereo version with a unique audio signal overdrive circuit, built in LFO and envelope follower in a compact, full aluminium case.

Polivoks core stereo lowpass/bandpass VCF with the original programmable opamps
Unique audio overdrive circuit
Versatile syncable LFO with 8 waveforms
Tap tempo button
Envelope follower with modulation level attenuverter
Master modulation control
Manual and CV control over cutoff frequency
Configurable control input for footswitch, expression pedal and external LFO/cutoff control
Adjustable input gain

The Acidbox III has adjustable input gain, therefore it works with various sound sources – guitars, units with line level signals (synthesizers, grooveboxes, etc.) and modular synths. Configurable control input allows you to connect a bypass footswitch, expression pedal, external cutoff control voltage source and LFO synchronization trigger. This makes the Acidbox an ideal companion in almost every production or live performance setup.