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TC Helicon Voiceprism Plus Vocal Formant Pitch Processor - USED

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TC Helicon VoicePrism Plus Vocal Formant Pitch Processor - Used

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Are you serious about vocals? Then VoicePrism might be right up your alley. This vocal processor is one-a-kind with presets that can instantly take you from a 50's style, highly compressed, double-tracked, slap-back lead vocal to a lush, chorused vocal sextet in a large room setting. VoicePrism lets you hear your vocal ideas quickly, and will inspire you with a few of its own!

VoicePrism has a unique step-edit mode designed for studio users. You can quickly and intuitively advance through your song and edit your local track in realtime. Songs can also be saved for instant recall. Backing vocals can even be constructed in realtime by using a MIDI keyboard. Play vocal lines that can't be sung and add special effects to take your vocals to the limit.


High-quality 48V phantom mic preamp with 24 bit digital converters

4 voice backing -vocal harmony with independent gender- and humanizing controls

Lead-voice double tracking: full vocal channel incl. Compression, EQ, Delay, Tape Delay, Chorus, Flange, Reverb with Pre-delay

Ultra-easy interface with context sensitive Help and Preset Browser

Stereo analog and digital Outputs

Here you will find Compression and dual parametric Equalizers. You can assign these to the lead channel, the harmony channel or even both.

The Lead Channel
The lead channel has a thickening algorithm to create double tracking effects.

The Harmony Channel
The harmony channel has four independent, formant corrected pitch shifters to create very natural harmony voices from your vocals. Each voice's humanizing parameters can be adjusted independently including: Gender, Vibrato, Timing, Randomizing and Scooping.

Two post effects blocks you can apply to your Lead and Harmony voices including Chorus, Flange, Delay and Reverb with Pre-delay to create interesting and unusual spatial effects.

The Aux In
Everyone needs an extra effect unit from time to time - whether live or in recording. The Aux In allows you to integrate additional material into the final effects blocks and mix them there with the vocals.

VoicePrism comes standard with stereo

2U Rackmount Size

SN: 7008049