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Monster Pro900 10outlet Power Conditioner - Used

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Monster Pro900 10outlet Power Conditioner - Used

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Condition: Very Good

The Power Center PRO 900 reflects Monster's commitment to creating performance-enhancing power solutions for music professionals that everyone can benefit from. The patented Monster Clean Power filter circuitry virtually stops most electrical line noise that goes right through ordinary surge protectors. A single overall filter rejects noise on the AC power line that can detract from performance in audio equipment. The Power Center 900 was designed to help you achieve the best possible sound by keeping harmful interference out of your equipment's AC power supply. Unlike ordinary surge protectors, the PRO 900 features exclusive Dual Mode Plus protection circuitry to automatically disconnect all of your connected equipment if your electric line is hit by a big surge--such as from nearby lightening. While some other surge protectors leave equipment connected and vulnerable after such a hit, the PRO 900 disconnects them. And if your system takes a hit, dual indicators with lights and an audible alarm will tell you that Monster Power has protected your system from damage. Convenience is also vital, which is why PRO 900 also features component-assigned color-coding with matching power cord labels for easy identification. This is especially useful if you have to set up and break down your equipment regularly. It's also rack-mountable for easy integration into custom installed rack-mount systems. For complete surge protection, power conditioning and hook-up convenience, choose the Monster Professional Power Center PRO 900 to protect your valuable pro audio or home theater system while helping it achieve the best possible sound.