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Lee Oskar Diatonic Harmonica - Key of A Natural Minor

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Lee Oskar Diatonic Harmonica - Key of A Natural Minor

A 10 hole, natural minor tuned diatonic harp with replaceable reed plates

The Lee Oskar Natural Minor Harmonica is perfect for playing minor music in 2nd Position, such as minor Blues, Reggae, Latin, Funk and Hip Hop.

The Lee Oskar Harmonicas Natural Minor is a very useful harp that makes it much easier to play many musical genres that would otherwise be very difficult to play on the Standard harmonica tuning. Even if a player could master the highly advanced techniques that would be necessary to play certain melodies, one still would not have the chords and Minor scale notes that the Natural Minor provides.

Natural Minor harps have a very bluesy, soulful sound that’s perfect for playing Minor Blues, Reggae, Ska, Latin, Funk, R & B, Hip Hop.