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Carvin VTX-100 100 Watt Tube Guitar Head w/Footswitch - Used

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Carvin VTX-100 100 Watt Tube Guitar Head w/Footswitch - Used

Type: Used
Condition: Very Good

The VTX Amps have been engineered to provide the guitarist with a maximum of control capability and a minimum of complexity.  Two independant and identical channels, each feature continuously variable Preamp Drives, produce outputs ranging from a clean undistorted output to a heavy Harmonic Sustain output. Master Volumes allow independent level control, and separate Reverb and Graphic EQ circuitry contribute to an almost infinite variety of acoustic control.

Advantages of the Carvin Bi-Channel Amp
Separate Channels for Bass and Treble Guitar Pickups, provided a stereo guitar is used
Switching Channels for Instant Tone Change
Clean to Distortion Channel Switching
Switching for instant soft to loud volume changes for either clean or sustain output
Double Sustain or clean volume levels when both channels are switched on
Use as a Bi Amp system when other components are added

2 Channel/Bi-Channel
100 Watts RMS
1x 12AT7 Preamp Tube
4x 6CA7/EL34 Power Amp Tube
ABY Style Inputs with Channel 1, Channel 2, and Bi-Channel (both channels at once)
Sustain Switch allows 2 preamps to connect in series
7 Band Graphic EQ per channel
Reverb per Channel
XLR Direct Out
2, 4, and 8 ohm Outputs
2x 1/4" Speaker Out
RMS 1/2 Switch lowers wattage to 50 watts (takes 30 seconds to kick in to adjust tube preamp output)
Footswitch toggles Channel, Reverb

Includes Footswitch