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Wazinator Drop Kick KSB883 Acoustic Stomp Box Pedal - Used

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Wazinator Drop Kick KSB883 Acoustic Stomp Box Pedal - Used

Type: Used

Stomp your way through some of the hottest and sweatiest gigs. Your Dropkick KSB883 will deliver the bottom end control you need. You will feel the power under your foot and your dynamics will give your songs more impact than ever before.

Extreme bass - no need to add EQ to get a great tone.
High gain - line level output - great if you have limited number of mic inputs on your mixing desk - no worries - input the Dropkick as line level.
Passive analog electronics - no need to worry about batteries during your performance.
You want to stomp hard, no problem. Solid and reliable build quality that is designed to withstand a pounding - literally.
A professional instrument that delivers a consistent and musical tone for you and your audience, night after night.

Super comfortable to play - round heal allows natural ankle movement
Massive sound - powerful DEEP thumping Bass - similar to 808 drum machine
Solid Oak impact bar - translates timber tone to your speakers
Eye catching design - World first diecast alloy stompbox
Size - 10.5 x 6.3 x 1.5 inches, 27 x 16 x 4 cm, Weight - 2.1 lbs, 1.25 kg