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Roli Blocks Songmaker Kit

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  • Create the perfect song | combine 2 state-of-the-art playing surfaces. Play melodies on the seaboard block, play drums and control effects on the light pad Block, record loops easily on the loop block
  • Explore a universe of sound | seaboard block pairs with desktop and mobile software that include hundreds of sounds, from strings and synths to drums and guitars. They’re all custom made for 5D touch
  • Customize your sound | song maker kit consists of three blocks, seaboard block and light pad Block Also work independently. Mix and match them. Add more blocks. Build the instrument that's right for you
  • Case It and carry it | the song maker kit comes with a stylish, protective snapcase. It holds the Kit together and protects the blocks when you carry them around — so you can make music anywhere. Compatibility - Mac OSX 10.12+ , Windows 7, 8 and 10
  • Every movement is musical | shape sounds with 5D touch on the seaboard Block’s expressive surface. Strike, glide, slide, press and lift off with your fingers to bring your musical ideas to life