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Hammond Leslie LS2012 Keyboard Amplifier

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Manufacturer #:006-599-920120-BK

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Hammond Leslie LS2012 Keyboard Amplifier

Following in the footsteps of its wildly successful Big Brother, the Leslie LS2012 packs a mighty punch in a smaller cabinet. Designed for maximum portability, the LS2012 shares most of the LS2215’s features, like a Stereo Mixer, Master EQ, Integrated XLR Stereo Outputs with independent gain control and a dedicated Microphone Channel.

Voiced to compliment the Hammond Sk Series, the LS2012 will bring the same rich tone to any keyboard played through it, and the LS2012 also is great for Electro-Acoustic guitars, Electric Violins, Accordions and other electric instruments.

There is no better amp choice for a working “on the go” musician. For the single/casual performer, you won’t have to fool around with a separate mixer / power amp and speaker. Plug your Mic and Keyboard into the LS2012, and you’re all set. Its compact size makes the LS2012 easy to move, and it’s “vertical” configuration makes for easy monitoring, and reducing the “footprint” of your stage setup. And if you’re like many pros, you may use one of those handy carts to load in. The slim LS2012 insures you can make ONE trip from the dock to your performance area.

100 Watts RMS
1x12 Driver, 1x6 HiFi Driver
Mono Solid State Power Amp
Stereo-3 Channel Mixer
Volume/3-Band EQ
Keyboard L/R 1/4" Inpus and FX Loop
Instrument L/R 1/4" Inputs and FX Loop
Microphone XLR and 1/4" Inputs
1/4" Headphone out
Rear FX Loop
Stereo 1/4" and XLR Line Outs