We carry a wide selection of music instruments and pro sound equipment for live
performances and events. Please see below for a list of items and pricing, or call for more information.

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Weekly rentals available upon request. Weekday
Pick up after 1 pm and return next day by 12 noon
Pick up Friday after 1 pm and return Monday by 12 noon
Yamaha Stagepas 300 Mini PA System w/ Mic
Up to 40 people, speech or background music. Includes 2 10" Yamaha speakers, 300 watt 4 channel mixer, vocal mic, XLR cable, 2 speaker stands, mic stand, and power cable.
$85 $115
Mackie Pa Package PA Package - Powered
Up to 150 people, speech or live music (vocals only). Includes 2 SRM-450 speakers, DFX6 mixer and vocal mic, 3 XLR cables, 2 speaker stands, mic stand, and 3 power cables
$145 $205
Yamaha PA Package PA Package - Passive
Up to 150 people, speech or live music (vocals only). Includes 2 mains, 8 channel mixer, vocal mic, 2 speakers, 2 speaker stands, 2 speaker cables, XLR cable, and power cable
$145 $205
Yamaha PA package deluxe PA Package Deluxe - Passive with Monitors
Up to 150 people, live performance (vocals and light instruments only). Includes 2 mains, 2 monitors, 2 vocal mics, 8 channel mixer, 2 speaker stands, 4 speaker cables, 2 XLR cables, and power cable
$265 $365
QSC PA Package PA Package - QSC
Up to 300 people, live band, dance, full mix. Includes 2 K-10 speakers, 2 K-Sub woofers, non-powered mixer, vocal mic, 5 XLR cables, 2 speaker stands, mic stand, and 5 power cables.
$310 $400
Please ask about our larger systems for indoor/outdoor events up to 1000 people. We provide delivery and sound technicians for large events.
Individual Items
Mackie SRM-450 PA Speaker Single - Mackie SRM-450 $50 $75
QSC k10 PA Speaker Single - QSC K10 $50 $75
 Yamaha S115V PA Speaker Single - Yamaha S115V $50 $75
QSC Ksub Subwoofer - QSC Ksub $75 $100
Mackie Profx12 Mixer - Mackie ProFx12 $25 $40
Yamaha EMX88s Mixer - Yamaha EMX88s $50 $75
 Crown XlS PA Rack Power Amp - Crown XlS (300w or 440w per channel options available) $50 $75
Nord Stage 2 HA88 Keyboard - Nord Stage 2 HA88 $125 $150
Roland RD-300 Keyboard - Roland RD-300 $75 $100
mic stand and cable Mic, Stand, and Cable $10 $15
Speaker stands Speaker/Lighting Stands (Pair) $10 $15
DJ/Party Lights (Pair) DJ/Party Lights (Pair) $40 $60
LED Lights Pair LED Lights (Pair) $40 $60
Fender twin reverb Fender Twin Reverb $50 $75
Fender Deluxe Reverb Fender Deluxe Reverb $50 $75
Roland Jazz Chorus JC-120 Roland Jazz Chorus JC-120 $50 $75
Vox AC30C2 Vox AC30C2 $50 $75
Orange Rockerverb 50 Orange Rockerverb 50 $50 $75
marshall jcm800 Marshall JCM800 w/1960A 4x12 Cab $100 $150
GK fusion 550 GK Fusion 550 Bass Amp w/4x10 Cab $50 $75
Ampeg BA300 2x10 Ampeg BA300 2x10 $50 $75
Technics SL1200M3D (Pair) Technics SL1200M3D (Pair) $150 $200
Pioneer CDJ2000 Nexus Pioneer CDJ2000 Nexus $75 $100
Rane TTM 57SL Rane TTM 57SL $75 $100
Pioneer DJM900 Pioneer DJM900 $75 $100
rane Serato SL3 (w/Control Vinyl-CD's) Rane Serato SL3 (w/Control Vinyl-CD's) $75 $100
Wireless Systems Wireless Systems (Hand Helds, Lapels, Headsets) $35 $50
Drum kits Drum Kits (in many sizes) $100 $150

Is the item your looking for not on our list? We carry a wide selection of intsruments, recording, and PA equipment. Please call or email us for availability.

* All reservations and pick-ups are to be made at American Music in Seattle only.
* Driver’s license and an active credit card are physically required at the time of pick up. Card information will be held for security purposes.
* Weekly and monthly rates are also available.

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