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J Rockett Mark Sampson Max Stone

J Rockett Mark Sampson Max Stone

The Mark Sampson designed MAX pedal is a necessary tool for any player! It is a buffer/booster/harmonic enhancer and can be used with bass guitar and guitar since it passes low bass frequencies. You will notice an entire frequency expansion allowing you to hear extended ranges of frequency that allows for a fuller and more harmonically enhanced feel.

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The Max boost/enhancer was originally created as a level boost to compensate for long cable runs, however, it is not just a clean boost. The Max will enhance all the frequencies, extending the lows, mids, and highs. If you value just hitting the front end of your amp, this pedal excels at that natural, pushed amp sound. It can also be used subtly to create a magical chime to your clean sound. It is simple in design but extremely powerful in its uses!



    • Boost/Volume: Turn right to increase volume, turn left to decrease volume.


    • Chime: Turn right to increase that magical Sampson “chime”, turn left to decrease it.



    • Dimensions: 4.75″ x 3″
    • 9 Volt Negative tip adaptor and a 5.5mm x 2.1mm jack.
    • 9 Volt Battery
    • True Bypass Switching


Power Supply

          All J. Rockett Audio Designs pedals operate off of the standard BOSS type 9 volt adapter or a single 9 volt battery. The power input is a 5.5 mm x 2.1 mm jack with the positive voltage on the outer sleeve. Using an external power supply will automatically disconnect the battery. Disconnect the input jack to preserve battery life when not in use or when not used with an appropriate, external power supply.

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