Guitar Repair, Amp Repair, Keyboard Repair and More!

The American Music Service Department has been a Pacific Northwest Award Winning repair shop since 1973.

The American Music Service Center

Whether they’re major label touring acts, indie bands supporting an album, or unsigned bands in their van, professional musicians both local or on tour head to American Music Service to meet all their repair and service needs. We are the Pacific Northwest’s premier facility for service, expertise, and support.

Beyond excellent customer service, we provide the services that musicians need. We perform repairs and restorations on vintage and modern gear. We also perform custom work and modifications. If you find yourself in a bind, and you need service immediately, we have rush options available for a fee. The trained experts working in the service department do their best to make the experience painless and enjoyable.

Meet the Staff

Ben Bryan

Ben Bryan has been working as American Music’s Guitar Technician for the past 20 years. He is well known throughout the Seattle music community, and is considered by many to be Seattle’s Premier Luthier.

With his knowledge and experience of working with various brands, such as Gibson, Fender, and Martin designs, Ben has become an expert in performing vintage restorations.

Ben performs many different repairs and services on instruments. From simple to complex, examples include:

Professional setups, both partial and complete re-frets., fret level and crowning, electronic troubleshooting and custom wiring, custom nut and saddle fabrication, structural repair and modification as well as various cosmetic repairs.

Special Services

In addition to repair work, we offer custom modifications, expert vintage repair and rebuilding, and a wide range of repairs and cleaning jobs that will pay for themselves by preventing serious breakdowns. Not only that, but they can clean the gunk out of your mixer even if you spill a mocha on it. The Service Center also sells parts for the do-it-yourselfers out there, reconed speakers, and has a semi-annual sell-off of unclaimed and abandoned gear.

Guitar and Bass custom work and repairs, action, frets smoothed, leveled or replaced, custom wiring and pickup installations, repair electronics, replace or custom modify bridges and nuts, acoustic guitar repairs, vintage restorations.

Hours & Location

American Music Service Center
4327 Fremont Ave N.
Seattle WA 98103

Shop Hours: Monday-Friday 10-7, Saturday 10-6
Turnaround Time: Please Call for Turnaround Times. (206) 633-1774
Minimum Bench Charge: $70.00 + Tax
Rush: $70.00 + Tax

Toll Free: 877-813-7390
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