Advantage Rent-to-Own Program

Let's face it. You need great gear to sound your best. But you don't want to break the bank. Our Advantage Rent-to-Own program makes that easy.

  • Take up to 30 months to pay for your instrument.
  • Payments start at $15 per month.
  • Put a down payment if you want.
  • Get your payment where you want it.

Take the gear home today!
Speak to any American Music Sales Associate for detailed information on available products and rates. Credit approval required.

Event and Short Term Rentals

For reservations* call 206.633.1774 option 4 or email


Prices shown are per day for weekday rentals,
per weekend for weekend rentals

Pick up after 1 pm and return next day by 12 noon
Pick up Friday after 1 pm and return Monday by 12 noon
Yamaha Stagepas 300 Mini PA System w/ Mic - Yamaha Stagepas 300
Up to 40 people, speech or background music. Includes 2 10" Yamaha speakers, 300 watt 4 channel mixer, vocal mic, XLR cable, 2 speaker stands, mic stand, and power cable.
$100 $135
Mackie Pa Package PA Package - Mackie
Up to 150 people, speech or live music (vocals only). Includes 2 SRM-450 speakers, DFX6 mixer and vocal mic, 3 XLR cables, 2 speaker stands, mic stand, and 3 power cables
$200 $240
Yamaha PA Package PA Package - Yamaha
Up to 150 people, speech or live music (vocals only). Includes 2 mains, 8 channel mixer, vocal mic, 2 speakers, 2 speaker stands, 2 speaker cables, XLR cable, and power cable
$200 $240
Yamaha PA package deluxe PA Package Deluxe - Yamaha
Up to 150 people, live performance (vocals and light instruments only). Includes 2 mains, 2 monitors, 2 vocal mics, 8 channel mixer, 2 speaker stands, 4 speaker cables, 2 XLR cables, and power cable
$300 $340
QSC PA Package PA Package - QSC
Up to 300 people, live band, dance, full mix. Includes 2 K-10 speakers, 2 K-Sub woofers, non-powered mixer, vocal mic, 5 XLR cables, 2 speaker stands, mic stand, and 5 power cables.
$400 $440
Please ask about our larger systems for indoor/outdoor events up to 1000 people. We provide delivery and sound technicians for large events.
Individual Items
Mackie SRM-450 PA Speaker Single - Mackie SRM-450 $50 $75
QSC k10 PA Speaker Single - QSC K10 $50 $75
 Yamaha S115V PA Speaker Single - Yamaha S115V $40 $60
QSC Ksub Subwoofer - QSC Ksub $75 $95
Mackie Profx12 Mixer - Mackie ProFx12 $35 $50
Yamaha EMX88s Mixer - Yamaha EMX88s $35 $50
 Crown XlS PA Rack Power Amp - Crown XlS (300w or 440w per channel options available) $40 $50
Nord Stage 2 HA88 Keyboard - Nord Stage 2 HA88 $125 $150
Roland RD-300 Keyboard - Roland RD-300 $75 $100
mic stand and cable Mic, Stand, and Cable $10 $10
Speaker stands Speaker/Lighting Stands (Pair) $20 $20
DJ/Party Lights (Pair) DJ/Party Lights (Pair) $40 $60
LED Lights Pair LED Lights (Pair) $40 $60
Fender twin reverb Fender Twin Reverb $50 $75
Fender Deluxe Reverb Fender Deluxe Reverb $50 $75
Roland Jazz Chorus JC-120 Roland Jazz Chorus JC-120 $50 $75
Vox AC30C2 Vox AC30C2 $50 $75
Orange Rockerverb 50 Orange Rockerverb 50 $50 $75
marshall jcm800 Marshall JCM800 w/1960A 4x12 Cab $75 $100
GK fusion 550 GK Fusion 550 Bass Amp w/4x10 Cab $75 $100
Ampeg BA300 2x10 Ampeg BA300 2x10 $50 $75
Technics SL1200M3D (Pair) Technics SL1200M3D (Pair) $175 $200
Pioneer CDJ2000 Nexus Pioneer CDJ2000 Nexus $175 $200
Rane TTM 57SL Rane TTM 57SL $75 $100
Pioneer DJM900 Pioneer DJM900 $75 $100
rane Serato SL3 (w/Control Vinyl-CD's) Rane Serato SL3 (w/Control Vinyl-CD's) $25 $30
Wireless Systems Wireless Systems (Hand Helds, Lapels, Headsets) $40 $50
Drum kits Drum Kits (in many sizes) $125 $150

Is the item your looking for not on our list? We carry a wide selection of intsruments, recording, and PA equipment. Please call or email us for availability.

* All reservations and pick-ups are to be made at American Music in Seattle only.
* Driver’s license and an active credit card are physically required at the time of pick up. Card information will be held for security purposes.
* Weekly and monthly rates are also available.

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